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Sudoku and crosswords aren’t the only way to exercise your brain. New studies are finding that physical exercise is also important for brain health. 

Last month we started talking about the financial realities of retirement. And the 3 money planning tips we shared are just the first step.

If you missed this post, financial planning for retirement starts with these steps:

What kind of retirement do you dream of?

Maybe you want to spend more time with loved ones, give back to the community or finally move to the beach.

More older Australians are embracing help at home, so they can live independently and get on with life on their own terms. 

Summer in Australia brings plenty of hot days, but that doesn’t mean fun is off the cards for seniors. Even if you are more susceptible to the heat, there are many ways to enjoy yourself this summer and stay cool at the same time! Here is how it’s done…

Nutrition for seniors

There are many reasons why your appetite may decline as you age. But here’s the thing – there are also many ways you can maintain an interest in food in order to stay healthy and nourished.

Did you know that just 7% of communication is the words we use? The rest is body language and tone of voice.

Are you concerned about your parents living at home?

Are you unsure where to turn to next?